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(updated 21 July 2016)

Welcome Message


After a lapse of over ten years, I am pleased to invite all delegates back to Penang for the MTS Annual Congress 2016. This year is extra special since the MTS will be celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

Pulmonology is advancing rapidly; we are still facing diseases of old that have returned with a vengeance and at the same time we are encountering new emerging diseases. We have at our disposal various new modalities for diagnostics and treatment and are venturing and expanding into new areas while eagerly awaiting new developments.

With all this in mind, we have put together a programme encompassing various interesting topics. Starting with a workshop session on Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, we will proceed to having symposia in both Adult and Paediatric Pulmonology. Do come and learn as our expert speakers delve into subjects that are common (COPD, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Sleep Medicine) to the uncommon (Ethics in Pulmonary Medicine, Driving, Flying and Diving with Respiratory Disease). The Congress will end with a mesmerising debate. You will have an opportunity to be entertained during our Gala Dinner and a surprise tantalising feast with the king of fruits.

So see you in Penang, the Pearl of the Orient. We welcome all of you for a Congress where we hope you will gain not only knowledge and skills, but also build up networks for future collaboration, meet up with old colleagues and make new friends, gain new insights and formulate new ideas all for the betterment of our service to our patients. There is no better place to do all this than in Penang during MTS 2016.

Dr. Irfhan Ali Hyder Ali
Organising Chairman